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Clark Hammock

If you are looking for the perfect Clark hammock, don’t look any further. Clark Hammocks are used by the Navy Seals, NatGeo Photographers and NGO’s. And for a good reason; with years of research and development Clark is the industry leader when it comes to hammocks. These hammocks will protect you from all-weather influences while still providing a comfortable night’s sleep.

Clark has several models available, they include:

North American
The classic North American sports all the features you want in a hammock, spacious, heavy-duty and truly suited for year-round use. Fully insulated and comes with a sil-nylon rain fly. Deployed the North American gives you all the comfort of a tent, even in the worst conditions.

Ultra Light
When you’re looking for a lightweight, ultra-portable hammock, look no further, the Ultra-Light weights in at only 2 lbs 9 oz (1.16Kg) while still being able to bear a weight of 250 lbs. Better used in warm climates. Of course the rain fly is included.

Similar to the North American, but gives you more space. The Fiberglass poles minimizes the feeling of confinement. Like the NX-150 it has 6 pockets to store gear and give protection against the cold.

The bigger brother of the NX-150, even longer and wider than the NX-150 and the North American. A true expedition style hammock with flexible fiberglass poles that provide a spacious feeling. In this hammock you’ll be able to sleep on your side without any problems. The NX-250 has several pockets to store your gear while shielding you from the cold.

Your probably not surprised that the only hammock available on the market suitable for two personsis a Clark Hammock. It’s not an oversized regular hammock, but a well-designed combination of 2 solo hammocks joined together with an ingenious system, providing rain-cover and lots of storage space. Moving won’t affect the other person much due to its unmatched stability system.

For true arctic temperatures clark supplies a custom made Z-Liner to insulate your from sub-zero temperatures. The Z-liner covers the bottom of the hammock while additional insulating pads are supplied to insulate the storage pockets.

If the standard green color is not for your tasting, all hammocks can be ordered with a camo pattern, perfect if you don’t want to stand out in a woodland environment.

Clark sells multiple accessories for your Clark hammock, including XL Rain Flies, Replacement bungees, Drip rings, Tree Straps and Sil-Net Seam Sealer.

Clark makes all hammocks in their own factory in Salt Lake city since 1997 and is not available in retail stores. All hammocks have been tested to support more than double their rated weight. And only the best materials are used. For example the Clark rope that is the lightest rope in the world for its strength. Depending on the model the rope has a rating of 1200 to 1710 lbs.

Sleeping in a hammock is something you have to experience, providing a unique free-floating feeling. A Clark hammock is actually a tent-in-a-bag, and nothing like the hammocks you see on the typical beach-pictures. Picture yourself in your own cozy shelter, suspended above the forest floor, while being protected from the icy wind and rain.

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